Marching Through History

Nowadays, most people readily associate music and sports.  Whether in person or on TV, live or recorded, sports teams and their fans often use music to incite fervor in spectators or drama in the game itself.  Nowhere is such musical showmanship more evident than at high school and college football games, where marching bands in glittering uniforms accompanied by baton twirling majorettes and colorful flag corps members keep fans cheering and pageantry unfolding on the field during halftime.But it wasn’t always this way.  The oldest… Read More
It was 1904.  Life for the folks of Charlottesville was going along pretty much as it had since the town was founded in 1762.  Homemakers busied themselves cooking and cleaning; children played games outside in the warm sunshine; and shopkeepers and tradesmen exchanged friendly greetings as they went about their daily tasks.  No one paid much attention to the jingle of harness and the creak of wagon wheels as horses and mules clip-clopped along the streets.  Those sounds had been a part of Charlottesville life… Read More
The year 2020 started out pretty much like every other of the Band’s previous ninety-eight: cold. The only difference was that the group’s first rehearsal of the year had to be cancelled due to snow and ice. Once that little glitch passed, Band members settled down the following Tuesday evening to their usual winter routine of rehearsing and learning new music they would perform the following spring and summer. There was another difference this year though. The previous fall the Association of Concert Bands had… Read More
Almost every human activity can be affected by the weather. Baseball, gardening, picnicking, star gazing, you name it—they all can be at the mercy of Mother Nature at some point. Musical events are no exception, and the Municipal Band over the years has had its share of weather-related adventures. Here are a few examples.For any band that plays outdoors wind can be a significant problem. Any stiff breeze or unexpected gust of air can easily send sheet music scattering. This is bad enough anytime, but… Read More