Marching Through History

Music Director Marlin Brown left Charlottesville and the Municipal Band for California in March 1957 after conducting the Band for six and a half years.  Once again the Band’s Board of Directors was tasked with finding a new Conductor for the Band—and once again they didn’t have to look far to find just the man for the job.  Early in March 1957 they appointed euphonium player Sharon Hoose as the Band’s fifth Music Director.  He would serve in that capacity until February 1980 and would… Read More
          At the time the Municipal Band was organized in August of 1922, newly hired Music Director Harry Lowe issued a startling and audacious public pronouncement.  In it he stated that “…he would develop the musicians to such a point of efficiency that they could make a creditable public appearance at the expiration of six months.”  (The Daily Progress, April 10, 1923)  Many skeptics looked upon this statement with raised eyebrows.  Few persons could have imagined that Mr. Lowe, however skilled and determined a teacher… Read More
          Charlottesville’s most notable native son is, of course, Thomas Jefferson, who was born on nearby Shadwell Plantation in April 1743.  Best known as the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence and as the third U. S. President, Jefferson was a true polymath—a statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, musician, scientist, farmer and philosopher, who did much to shape the early course of history and discovery in this country.  Monticello, the home which Jefferson designed and had built to his specifications on a mountain top… Read More
          The Christmas season, along with all the other December holiday celebrations, is always a festive time—and what better way to celebrate than with a concert featuring holiday music performed by a fine wind band!  The Municipal Band began providing holiday music to the Charlottesville and Albemarle communities from its earliest years.  The Band presented its very first Christmas concert on December 25, 1923 at the Jefferson Theater on Main Street as part of Charlottesville’s Annual Children’s Christmas Party sponsored by Lodge #369 of the… Read More