There are many ways to support your Band.

We are a community band that relies on our community’s commitment. We do not receive government funding, so our mission of free music for all is a continuing collaborative effort with you. It’s easy for the community to show its appreciation for the Band in different ways. Direct donations can be made online or by check, you become a member of the Harry Lowe Centennial Club, or earn money for the Band when you use your rewards card at Kroger. No matter what option you choose, your support will help us bring joyful, unifying music to our entire community.

Annual Fund

We rely on our friends and neighbors to help support us in our Annual Fund Drive. Through direct donations, we aim to cover at least half of our expenses, which include taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance for the Charlottesville Band Building; rental of concert venues; concert expenses; and salaries for our part-time staff. When you contribute to the Annual Fund, you’re helping more than 90 local musicians share the music they love with more than 15,000 fellow community members each year.

Centennial Club

As we approached our 100th anniversary, we wanted to create a special class of donations with exclusive perks in honor of our very first band leader, Harry Lowe. From the humblest of beginnings, Lowe crafted the Band into a musical powerhouse over a period of 18 years. Any donation of $100 or more qualifies for automatic membership in the Harry Lowe Centennial Club, but many more options are available. For full details, please click the link below and become a member today. It’s a great way to celebrate the Centennial with us in 2022!

Kroger Rewards

Who knew that buying groceries could support Cville Band? If you’re a Kroger customer, you can take advantage of their Community Rewards program and earn money for the Band every time you swipe your Kroger card. Just create a digital account, search for your favorite store, then enter organization number KY940 to start earning. You can shop happy, knowing that every loaf of bread, carton of milk and bunch of bananas is supporting talented local musicians.

Stay in Touch

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