Annual Fund Donation

Thank you for your interest in the band! 

We hope that you will consider a gift to our Annual Fund Drive.  Friends of the Band will recall that two years ago an anonymous donor put forward a $500,000 challenge for us to match the gift, dollar for dollar.  We met the challenge and established an investment account that will provide an income stream to meet a quarter of our expenses, year after year.  Another quarter of our expenses will be covered by rental income from the Municipal Arts Center, the band’s home.  Consequently, half of our expenses must be met by annual giving by those who enjoy our performances.

You may wonder what these expenses are:

  • Taxes, insurance, utilities, and building maintenance of the Municipal Arts Center account for almost half of what we spend. 
  • Rental of concert venues and concert expenses represent a quarter of the budget. 
  • Salaries for our part time music director, office manager and librarian – all of which add up to the equivalent of 1.1 full time positions – make up another quarter. 

We don’t pay a penny for our most valuable asset — the 14,000 volunteer hours contributed each year by our musicians.

The Band presents a dozen free performances annually, including:

  • Six summer concerts
  • Seasonal presentations in the fall, winter, and spring
  • Naturalization ceremonies on July 4th at Monticello
  • Graduation exercises at Piedmont Virginia Community College 

Upon request, small breakout ensembles also provide free performances all over the city and county. When it’s a musical occasion, we are there for over 15,000 people every year. 

Charlottesville has been working its way through troubling times, and many in our community are doing what they can to move beyond the discord we have encountered in past months.  During this period, the Municipal Band has played before every social and economic group in our community, from new arrivals to old timers, from those who are just getting by to the privileged, from the young to the old.  All of these separate elements come together as one audience when we perform. 

Many people observe that the entire nation as well is facing uncertainty.  Music has long had the capacity to unite people, to remind them how much they share instead of what tends to pull them apart.  And that’s what the Band aims to do: Let music bring us together.

From the classics to popular favorites, from film and Broadway to the American folk, jazz and patriotic traditions, the Municipal Band plays the music of our community.  Our volunteer musicians are doing their part to bring music to Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Central Virginia.  We hope you will join our efforts by extending your support into our 98th season.

Our 20th anniversary at Lane High School on April 19th, 1942.
Our 20th anniversary at Lane High School on April 19th, 1942.

CMB By The Numbers

80 Volunteers make up the Municipal Band.
30 The number of times a year that our small ensembles perform in addition to full band performances.
16-84 Current age range of band members. Some have been playing with the CMB for over 50 years.
12 Concerts are performed by the band annually.
15,000+ Community members enjoy free band concerts and ensemble performances annually.
48 Weeks that the band rehearses every year.
14,000 Hours are volunteered by members annually.



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