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On behalf of Camp Creativity and Therapeutic Recreation, a big “Thank you” to your quintet for coming to our camp and sharing your gift of music with us. The campers really loved the presentation and (as you know) recognized many of the tunes you played. Serval of our participants cited this activity as their favorite for the week during our Open House on Friday (and you were in competition with swimming and going out for ice cream!!)
Please extend my thank to the members of your group for so graciously giving up their time to share their afternoon with us.

– Sue H.
Recreation Leader
(July 2016)

Gary told me about the changes that will mean the Municipal Band won’t be at the Paramount this coming summer. To say I am sad is an understatement! You guys and your music has become a big and happily anticipated part of my summer routine over the years, and I am already missing our every other Tuesday encounters.

I am also going to miss the many fans who came so frequently over the years–especially the older ones. Though they didn’t usually share their stories, when they did, they were both inspiring and touching. All of those faces reflected a lot of living through all kinds of changes…personal, national and global, and as a teacher and aging person myself, I found myself respecting and wanting to know these people more and more. I hope that CMB’s many fans will continue to attend concerts at the high schools and wherever else you might be performing.

Best wishes for you and all of the CMB folks for the coming summer!
— Sue (January 2016)

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Dear Steve, Thanks so much for another wonderful season of performances! The Municipal Band is certainly a great group of dedicated people. We always leave each performance tapping our toes & feeling uplifted! — David & Catherine B. (December 2013)

(Article from the September 2013 Charlottesville Family Magazine)

Love your concerts. Keep up the good work! — Pat and John P. (August 2013)

Your Big Band concert was the best yet! Thanks — Bev O. (August 2013)

Enjoyed all your concerts and the last one too. Love to all — Caryl M. (August 2013)

On behalf of Therapeutic Recreation, I would like to thank you and your fellow band members for playing at our camp this past week [7/25/13]. The campers really enjoyed the concert, and several expressed at the end of the week that these performances were among the highlights of the week for them. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us. — Sue Horne, Crow Recreation Center, regarding a performance by the Band’s Trombone Ensemble

On behalf of Therapeutic Recreation, I wanted to thank you and your fellow musicians for the wonderful concert that you provided for our participants yesterday [7/23/13]. In fact, several of the campers expressed it was the favorite part of their day. Considering we had had a pizza lunch on the downtown mall, this is high praise indeed!! — Sue Horne, Crow Recreation Center, regarding a performance by the Band’s Brass Quintet

…don’t get me started about the municipal band — a Wilderesque touch of Americana that would be easy to sentimentalize except for the fact that if you’re local, you probably know half the musicians. — Cathy Harding writing in her essay “Reborn in the USA” describing the July 4th Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello in The Hook, online edition, July 4, 2013

“I wrote these in my seat at your magnificent June 18th [2013] concert.” — Elizabeth Doyle Solomon
Cape Breton Postcard
(Inspired from a musical piece by Catherine McMichael)Seagulls call, fly over Cape Breton,
their wings catching the last rays
of a blood-red setting sun.Waves hiss and shuss in-out, in-out
their rhythmic music a tympani
on this Nova Scotia seashore.Sun sinks slowly into a sea
turned sparkling silver and gold,
slivers of light sliding away.Gleaming brass instruments carried us
far across a continent
as we traveled in our seats!
(Inspired from a musical piece by Oklahoma music educator Ed Huckeby)I’m in the meadow
where cool breezes tease
over buttercups
and purple clover.
One blue butterfly
sips from the flowers.Over hills a bell
chimes several times;
in a distant field
a black bull bellows.From a locust post
one meadowlark sings
her “spring of the year.”
I sit and listen,
write my own music.
“At the July 2 concert, you and your band inspired me again to write. [This] is for you and your exuberant directing style. It was written during Shenandoah, arranged by Frank Ticheli.” — Elizabeth Doyle Solomon
For Steve Layman

He directs with his hands,
but every muscle and bone
feels the music — we see
his head move, his back rise
and fall. This is a musician!

When I sang with symphonies
or madrigal groups, or the
Brahms Lieder chorale —
I too felt the music in
the fibers of my flesh.

Oh, music, you move us
who love you, who are
our muse — more than
we can ever sing or say
or play with voice or brass.

Above poems reproduced with permission of the poet. All rights reserved.

The Municipal Band is a TRUE Charlottesville highlight. — William P., Jr. (June 2013)

Yesterday’s concert [was] one of the best programs ever! Keep up the lively selections. — Sharon C. (April 2013)

Thanks for a pleasant Sunday afternoon. The band was superb. Cheers! — Grace Y. (April 2013)

Your concert at PVCC was delightful! Thanks! — Anonymous (April 2013)

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